The PDHPE Course is taught as a continuous course from Year 7 through to Year 10.  It is a compulsory course for all students in Years 7-10 and may be studied to HSC level in Years 11 and 12.

PDHPE is concerned with the development of the whole person.  Its purpose is to develop in each student the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to understand, value and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.  In doing so, this course will make a significant contribution in preparing students to take a responsible and productive role in society and to develop in them a commitment to life planning.

Throughout the course, students will study topics from each of the four content strands.  These content strands are:

  • self and relationships
  • movement skill and performance
  • individual and community health
  • lifelong physical activity

In Years 11 and 12 the Board endorsed course focuses on health as a positive condition by providing opportunities for students to learn about the mental, physical and social factors that influence their health and the health of the Australian community.  Students also study anatomy and physiology and the development of the athlete, First Aid, the fitness industry, Sports Medicine and Sport and Physical Activity in Australia.

Units studied include:

  • Better Health for Individuals
  • Health Priorities in Australia
  • The Body in Motion
  • Factors Affecting Performance
  • First Aid
  • Sports Medicine
  • Fitness Choices
  • Sport and Physical Activity in Australia Society

We also offer Community and Family Studies, the Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation course and Early Education and Care at the Stage 6 level.